Well Hello There!

 How excited I am to be the newest member of the “Next Door” team! My name is Lyneé (pronounced Luh Nay) If you’d like to know more about me, read the “About” 🙂 My blogs purpose is to show the world the incredible fashion this hidden gem of a boutique has! The first time I stepped foot in to Next Door, I immediately felt at home and was floored by how adorable the place is; WHY aren’t more fashionista’s shopping here? Forget Macy’s, Buckle etc… You will never be as comfortable or get the amazing personal service as Next Door. It’s not only a great place for teens-20’s, but there are very sophisticated and mature designer lines, including maternity to choose from. Perfect mother/daughter and even grandmother shopping! I was thrilled to see my favorite lingerie line “Le Mystére” being sold there too. Best bra’s ever, I swear. Cut up your Victorias Secret Angel card, their bra’s are junk compared to Le Mystére (the Oprah bra is my favorite). Every week or so, I’ll be tearing apart this boutique and putting together our favorite outfits for you to enjoy! Please feel free to comment on anything, or make a request!



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1 Response to Well Hello There!

  1. Sally says:

    I Love your store! It is so fresh and innovative with your artistic hand crafted jewelry pieces. If there was a denim heaven it would be your store!

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