Trend Alert: Painted Jeans

I was a bit skeptical when the idea was first thrown upon me. I’m more of a classy, Chanel kind of girl – and when these raw painted jeans were in front of me…I wasn’t sure. Then I put them on… and decided to bring them home with me “for a try”. I paired them with tall black boots, a long black tank and a long black open front sweater and (in a crazy scientist voice) it was alive! Even better, I LIKED it! They’re really spiffy, but like leggings, you have to wear them right. You wouldn’t wear a short shirt that showed your behind when you have leggings on, so with these…thou shall not wear another printed item with it. Unless you’re really good. They’re incredibly popular in Europe right now, so why not try it before it looks like you’re following the crowd? I’ll rock them with you. We are making our own here at Next Door and they start at $90. Ours are silk screened to look like paint, but they aren’t paint. In fact we believe they are better! They are all one of a kind, so you wont be seeing anyone wearing an identical pair any time soon!
Here is the beautiful Jessica Alba wearing a pair in good taste!
These aren’t painted but I had to show you. A $10,000 pair of jeans. They have 1000 Tiffany set Swarovski Crystals. They also have a one carat diamond on each back pocket with the buttons made out of white gold.  Thoughts?
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