Color Trends for Fall/Winter 2010

  As a hairstylist, it’s very common for my client to plop happily down in my chair and bust out a “So WHAT’S in?” I give them my input on what I’ve been noticing at our cut/color classes, at Next Door, and what I see on the runway. Occasionally I’ll get the legendary question of what was first; the chicken or the egg. Meaning, on the runway do hair trends inspire fashion? Or do fashion trends inspire hair? Where do the colors come from? Why? This is what I think…

 We are coming up on fall.  A few weeks from now you will wake up in the morning, stumble and grumble your way out of bed, and realize its a bit chilly. Blast! It has begun….Do you crave an iced tea and some cold cereal? No! You want some nice hot oatmeal or an omelet, something HOT! And coffee, or cider. You didn’t crave these things as much until now because the weather is altering the way you feel about your choices. So when it’s fall, leaves are turning and there’s that crispness to the air, do you feel like wearing an icy blue, sheer t-shirt? No. I would want to wear a chunky warm sweater in a deeper color – because that’s the way I feel. As far as the style inspiration of clothing and hair go, I’ve heard a few philosophies. Street style in Paris, London, Tokyo etc… NATURE. Natural objects and man-made structures. History. Fairy tales. You name it.

  From what I’ve noticed the most, hair compliments the fashion. Generally if the fashion is bold, bright and heavy…hair will be softer. More natural, and then vice versa. When clothing is soft and wispy, hair will be very shapely and structured. Usually hair and clothing will stay in the same color family and not compete. Warm fashion colors are usually followed by warmer, richer hair and makeup.

  Now what am I seeing for the fall/winter season? These two colors have popped to me the most.

BB Dakota Ashland Jacket: $83
Olive. How would this effect hair? I believe it may turn those blonde’s that are very cool and platinum to throw in some golden blonde highlights to warm themselves up a bit. Or maybe some rich copper lowlites.
Dex Scoop Next Sweater in Sangria: $74
Deep Red. If makes me want to sit by the fire with a glass of wine so bad! This color would look stunning on a rich chocolate brunette. It is also trending pretty well in bags. Louis Vuitton, Dooney & Bourke and others have brought this on to their collections.
What do you think? Will you change your hair style to match what you will be seeing in the stores? Or do you dress around your hair style?
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