Classy in the front, SASSY from the back!

I love outfits that give you a little bit of a surprise, a little “pop” somewhere unexpected. It gives you a lot of character, and it sets you apart from the crowd. Get noticed, and in a good way. Not a Lady Gaga meat dress kind of way…  (Click here to see meat dress)

Jeans: Miss Me skinny in black $98
Top: MM Couture short sleeve knit dress in black $88
Tank: Michael Stars beater tank in pickle

Oh you look so nice, then you turn around and BA-BAM!
I like it that this tank tops color is called “pickle”.

…and with an exquisite jacket!
Jacket: Buffalo foxtrot wool blend in Jet Set

This next one takes a bit more of an innocent approach to the look, while still giving you the desired effect. (I don’t know about you, but this comes across to me as church-worthy or frigid-mother-in-law-acceptable)
Top: LA Made Leno tee in night $60
Jeans: Miss Me boot cut $98
Necklace: RRT Design $110

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