Mother nature…figure it out!

This weather makes me want to mix my wine with various medications… I mean honestly. Last week I was dressed like this…

…and today I’m dressed like this.

So now I’ve decided to show some great layering pieces that you can bulk up for warmth, and take off when you have a sudden hot flash!

Sweater: Rice by Rico Hoodie 2 flap cable from in clay $97
Top: Michael Stars Luxe slub long sleeve asymmetrical turtleneck in Java $74
Leggings: BB Dakota stetson in black $83

So you’re going for a nice walk or a ride in the car to the beauty parlor and WHAM the sun comes out. Shake off that vest like Janet Jackson’s costume at the Super Bowl!!!

Necklace: Leaf $85
You’re still adorable but you feel a bit more breezy!
I also hate trying to dress for those days where it starts off REALLY frigid and then warms up beautifully.
Sweater: Free People Far Away Cardi in cream $108
Scarf: VSA with studs in Old Rose $44
Top: Nallie & Millie Crystal 3/4 v-neck in multi color $85
Leggings: BB Dakota Stetson in black $83
Vest: MM Couture in black $60
Now go out there and show the world how great you are!
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