Yay Next Door has Juicy Couture!

 We are very excited to announce that Next Door will be carrying Juicy Couture! Right now we have the adorable and comfy sweats… with no offensive “JUICY” spread across the behind (ew..). We have a great balance of dazzled and plain. Take a look!

Top: Juicy Couture Sugar Hoody in Peacock $128
Pants: Juicy Couture Sugar Original Pants $118

So comfortable!! Perfect for running errands…
Top: Juicy Couture Track Jacket in Chestnut $98
Pants: Juicy Couture Original Pant in Chestnut $88

… put this under snowboarding gear, you will look totally cute while you’re getting a hot chocolate! I love this one because it doesn’t have the usual Juicy logo if you aren’t crazy about that look.
Top: Juicy Couture Ornate stacked hoodie in black $138
Pants: Juicy Couture Ornate stacked pants in black $118
This is my absolute favorite! This is what I would live in at home. You would still look adorable when your other half’s sketch relative decides to drop by unannounced, and then never leaves…it also gives off that “I wasn’t planning on company” look. If this outfit fails just put your hair in rollers and start vacuuming.
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