Lazy Sunday Fashion

 I certainly love Sundays. Why? Let me break it down for you!

  1. It’s my only day off of the week (if I’m lucky, and I’m NOT saying I don’t love my jobs)
  2. Because I have off, I don’t really spend that much time on my hair and makeup
  3. My doggie gets to stay out of her kennel 

HOWEVER, that does not give you an excuse not to look cute! What if you go to Panera Bread for lunch and you say… run in to your ex, or you meet a new cutie, or that beyotch is there from years ago work/school? …and you look like H E double hockey sticks!!!!! Bleck! Pooey! Here are some cute and comfy outfits to solve any “Ugly Sunday Disasters”.

Sweater: Free People Log Cabin Cardi in Navy $148
Scarf: VSA with Studs in Grey $44
Tank: Michael Stars Long Beater Tank in White $32
Jeans: Miss Me Boot Cut Woven Pants $98

“I like big SPARKLE butts and I cannot lie!!”

Tank 1: Michael Stars Supima Tank in Pickle $38
Tank 2: Michael Stars Lace Camisole in Vanilla $48
Scarf: VSA with Studs in Old Rose $44
Jeans: Miss Me Boot Cut Wovan Pants $98

Cold? Throw this cute wrap on!

Sweater: Splendid Vintage Fleece Wrap in Mud $124
Scarf: VSA Ruffled in Navy $21

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