Thou shall not wear leggings…

…with your boo-tay sticking out. I suppose it’s alright if you’re 3 years old, and you’ve dressed yourself like a Dr. Seuss character, but please. I cannot believe how many times I’ve been standing in line at Target, or rushing in to Starbucks for my fix, and HEL-LO! Tight leggings and a regular shirt that leaves nothing to the imagination. I’m sure I make a face like I’ve swallowed spoonful of wasabi. I don’t care what kind of shape you’re in, the whole world doesn’t want to see lumps and bumps in whatever region (I’ll take the tall non-fat latte please!). I understand Lady Gaga doesn’t like to wear pants but it doesn’t mean we can nearly do the same. I am petitioning for a strike against the booty legging look. No. Parents, please be aware of what you’re cute little girls are wearing… it’s only giving the creepy school janitor an eyeful.

Leggings are totally cute when they are worn under a dress or long tunic. Rule of thumb, would you wear this outfit if in place of the leggings was a sheer (not even control top) pantyhose?

(Sorry Kim K it doesn’t even work on your assets!)

YES! 🙂

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