The Art of Pregnancy

I’m really happy that in 1991 Demi Moore decided to strike a pregnant pose on Vanity Fair’s cover. It was regarded as controversial and some critics considered it grotesque, however it’s now considered one of the most famous magazines covers of all time. So to those critics… nah nah nah boo BOO! It also started a trend that made pregnancy photos fashionable and created a spectacular business for photographers. Over the summer I worked with an amazing local photographer, Wendy Gunderson, and recently she has begun using her artistic eye for pregnancy photos and I have to say the are stunning! Not only does she have a fantastic signature photo style, but she makes you feel so comfortable throughout the entire photo shoot. She is definitely a little piece of sunshine!

We’ve got an adorable little maternity corner here at Next Door that’s been blossoming over the past year, and I was struck by an AMAZING painting that Next Door’s favorite artist Marilee Shepard brought in for us!

She really captures the beauty of new found (and loved) curves. We’ve collected quite a few pieces of her art work and they are available for purchase. We carry Michael Stars, Next Level, LA Made and J Brand among others in maternity lines. One of my favorite new finds are the Next Level Mommy tee’s. Be proud!

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