The 2011 Color of the Year

I’ve always wondered how the most popular “color of the year” evolves. I imagined I would do some research and, like many unanswered questions of our universe, be left in the dark. I got lucky though and found a reliable explanation in the Wall Street Journal! There is a color authority, and it goes by the name Pantone. They are known for their Pantone Matching System which helps printing, graphic, and fabric industries communicate the exact shade of color they desire instead of relying on words. They poll graphic, industrial, fashion and other designers around the world and pinpoint the colors that have the broadest appeal, and wa-la! Color of the year! What is 2011? An intense pink called “honeysuckle”.

I also wonder why this is the color of the year. Who picks it out, where does the trend start? I believe it starts the same way everything starts: The way we feel. Pink reflects optimism, which I believe many of us have coming out of the darkness of our recession. Pink reminds us of our mothers lipstick when we are younger, of flowers that we took TIME to notice when we weren’t so busy with our stressful lives. It’s comforting and uplifting. What was the color of the year in 2008, the lowest of the low year? Blue Iris. Very conservative. Funny isn’t it? The year before the economic fall? Chili Pepper.

So next time you’re watching a runway show and wonder “How do they come up with this stuff?” Now ‘ya know! It’s how you feel, whether you realize it or not.

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