Party Hair Time!

You’ve got the outfit, the shoes, the accessories, and now you’re standing in your bathroom glaring at yourself and wondering “WHAT in the world am I going to do with my hair for this party?” We did some looking around in the magazines and fashion shows, and found a few cute ideas!

The pretty peacock feather! It’s a bit smaller and more understated than Carrie’s above, but it’s definitely a cute pop of color! One piece of advice: Keep earrings and necklaces minimal. It will compete with the hair piece and look a bit too busy. If you want to wear jewelry, load up on the bracelets and rings! You can just pin it in the desired spot. It works with straight hair, curly, and updos!
The messy updo. A little less formal and more laid back while still having class! You can achieve this look by twisting sections of hair back and pinning, or if you’d like it to be more elaborate, curl your hair before pinning up. This look is awesome worn low on the head. Pair with some pretty dangly earrings and play your eye makeup up and you will look marvelous without looking like you tried too hard.
 The glorified “Snookie ‘do”. Believe it or not our beloved little Jersey Shore mess has inspired a new hair style. Pull half of your hair up and tease section by section, creating the most volume towards the crown of the head. Generally the hair is worn sleek and straight below, but if you feel like mixing it up, throw in some loose curls! Have fun!

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