The Little Black New Years Dress

That little black dress we love, the beloved Coco Chanel gave it the attention it deserved! Our little Ms. Audrey Hepburn started a phenomenon in Breakfast at Tiffany’s from the moment she stepped out of that taxi, wearing her famous black dress eating fresh bakery. How about instead of buying a sparkly dress you will wear once this New Year, invest in that perfect little black dress you will wear forever. Here are a few great classic looks that will carry you through many parties!

Plunging V Neckline, cinched waist
This gives you the perfect hourglass figure. The V plunge accentuates the small waist, giving you a very classic and chic look. This look is perfect for our lovely pear shaped ladies out there because it balances out the top and bottom with the cinched waist and loose skirt.

The classic Tiffany with a modern twist

A lovely high neck, sleeveless number can be modernized by pairing with statement boots. Very classic, always in style!
Black Lace

Sweet and simple, a black lace overlay. One thing I love about a little black dress is that you can play up your jewelry and accessories without ever looking too overdone. It also draws attention to your fabulous hair! Try wearing statement, colorful shoes. A fun little trick for our ladies on the shorter side, wear nude pumps, this elongates your legs and gives you the appearance of being taller.

Next Door’s Little Black Dress
BB Dakota $97
Hey is this the peek-a-boo style that’s all the runway rage? TIP: If you don’t want to spend full price on the dress, donate $12 to our Shelter Scarf project and get the dress for 50% off!
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