Look Fabulous on a Budget

We understand here at Next Door that money doesn’t grow on trees, so we are doing something wonderful for you! Winter Clearance 50% off tops and jackets! This is a great opportunity if you got a waffle-maker instead of that stunning coat you wanted for Christmas. Stop in and snatch up what you like before it’s gone!

BB Dakota Foxtrot $143 now $71.50
Hazel Teal Top $92 now $46
FYI: Renotta’s “One a Day” blog is still underway! Donate 2 skeins of Homespun yarn by Lionbrand (available at Wal-Mart, Jo-Ann and Michaels) and receive one 50% off coupon good on any full priced item. The yarn is being used to make beautiful continuous scarfs that will be donated to the homeless at the Hebron House in Waukesha. Check out this fashionable busy bee at http://shopatnextdoor.blogspot.com/
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The Little Black New Years Dress

That little black dress we love, the beloved Coco Chanel gave it the attention it deserved! Our little Ms. Audrey Hepburn started a phenomenon in Breakfast at Tiffany’s from the moment she stepped out of that taxi, wearing her famous black dress eating fresh bakery. How about instead of buying a sparkly dress you will wear once this New Year, invest in that perfect little black dress you will wear forever. Here are a few great classic looks that will carry you through many parties!

Plunging V Neckline, cinched waist
This gives you the perfect hourglass figure. The V plunge accentuates the small waist, giving you a very classic and chic look. This look is perfect for our lovely pear shaped ladies out there because it balances out the top and bottom with the cinched waist and loose skirt.

The classic Tiffany with a modern twist

A lovely high neck, sleeveless number can be modernized by pairing with statement boots. Very classic, always in style!
Black Lace

Sweet and simple, a black lace overlay. One thing I love about a little black dress is that you can play up your jewelry and accessories without ever looking too overdone. It also draws attention to your fabulous hair! Try wearing statement, colorful shoes. A fun little trick for our ladies on the shorter side, wear nude pumps, this elongates your legs and gives you the appearance of being taller.

Next Door’s Little Black Dress
BB Dakota $97
Hey is this the peek-a-boo style that’s all the runway rage? TIP: If you don’t want to spend full price on the dress, donate $12 to our Shelter Scarf project and get the dress for 50% off!
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Spring/Summer Trends for 2011

I know I know, we haven’t even gotten to the worst part of winter yet and I’m already writing about spring -BUT lets all think warm happy thoughts, and maybe it will blind that ground hog in to not seeing it’s shadow! Fashion’s beginning to warm up too! Gone are the greys and blacks and in come the neutrals (nude is huge) and bright colors! We spoke about Honeysuckle being the new color of 2011, but what else is there? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Peak-a-boo clothing
  • Metallics
  • Feathers
  • Neutrals
  • Back to school style (stripes, knee highs, academic blazers)

Valentino Spring ’11
Metallics and Neutrals
Donna Karan Spring ’11


Chanel Spring ’11
Back to School

Moschino Spring ’11

How all the trends on the runway will play out for retail is always interesting. Generally the trend (such as the peek-a-boo) is very in your face on the runway, almost offensive. However by the time it’s watered down to the retail level, we just see a few hints of the style that make it practical for the rest of the world to wear. I saw a lot of feathers in clothing, but I have a feeling it will take off more with accessories and shoes in the stores. My favorite trend is “Back to School”, it’s lovely and innocent!

Next Door’s version of “Back to School”

Top: MinkPink Stripe Dress $55
Blazer: BB Dakota Hector $87
Scarf: Shawl Smith Dune Scarf in Golden Rod $34

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Party Hair Time!

You’ve got the outfit, the shoes, the accessories, and now you’re standing in your bathroom glaring at yourself and wondering “WHAT in the world am I going to do with my hair for this party?” We did some looking around in the magazines and fashion shows, and found a few cute ideas!

The pretty peacock feather! It’s a bit smaller and more understated than Carrie’s above, but it’s definitely a cute pop of color! One piece of advice: Keep earrings and necklaces minimal. It will compete with the hair piece and look a bit too busy. If you want to wear jewelry, load up on the bracelets and rings! You can just pin it in the desired spot. It works with straight hair, curly, and updos!
The messy updo. A little less formal and more laid back while still having class! You can achieve this look by twisting sections of hair back and pinning, or if you’d like it to be more elaborate, curl your hair before pinning up. This look is awesome worn low on the head. Pair with some pretty dangly earrings and play your eye makeup up and you will look marvelous without looking like you tried too hard.
 The glorified “Snookie ‘do”. Believe it or not our beloved little Jersey Shore mess has inspired a new hair style. Pull half of your hair up and tease section by section, creating the most volume towards the crown of the head. Generally the hair is worn sleek and straight below, but if you feel like mixing it up, throw in some loose curls! Have fun!

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The 2011 Color of the Year

I’ve always wondered how the most popular “color of the year” evolves. I imagined I would do some research and, like many unanswered questions of our universe, be left in the dark. I got lucky though and found a reliable explanation in the Wall Street Journal! There is a color authority, and it goes by the name Pantone. They are known for their Pantone Matching System which helps printing, graphic, and fabric industries communicate the exact shade of color they desire instead of relying on words. They poll graphic, industrial, fashion and other designers around the world and pinpoint the colors that have the broadest appeal, and wa-la! Color of the year! What is 2011? An intense pink called “honeysuckle”.

I also wonder why this is the color of the year. Who picks it out, where does the trend start? I believe it starts the same way everything starts: The way we feel. Pink reflects optimism, which I believe many of us have coming out of the darkness of our recession. Pink reminds us of our mothers lipstick when we are younger, of flowers that we took TIME to notice when we weren’t so busy with our stressful lives. It’s comforting and uplifting. What was the color of the year in 2008, the lowest of the low year? Blue Iris. Very conservative. Funny isn’t it? The year before the economic fall? Chili Pepper.

So next time you’re watching a runway show and wonder “How do they come up with this stuff?” Now ‘ya know! It’s how you feel, whether you realize it or not.

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Lets just loosen our belts a notch!

 After all our holiday eating, putting on a belt sounds like a FANTASTIC idea! I’m kidding. This time of year I just want to be in big stretchy pants and pretend I haven’t blown up to the size of a small whale (dang holiday cookies!). However, we just got a bunch of really cute belts in that make me just want to suck it up (in!) and get one! They are “Cowboy Belts” and made in the Netherlands. They run $44-$90.

The belt trend for 2011 is calling for black and gold belts with brass stud detail, and we just happen to be ahead of the game! What else is going to be hot? Clutch handbags with gunmetal mesh, calf hair, animal prints, and zippered shoes and booties!

Cowboy Belt with Stud Detail $90
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Renotta’s Next Big Idea!

I’ve gotta give props to my boss Renotta, she always has an eye out for what’s new and is always willing to give it a try. During this giving time of year, she used her creativity to come up with a fantastic idea: You help us, we’ll help you and together it will help those in need. Bring two skeins of homespun yarn by Lionbrand ($5 per skein, and available at Jo Ann Fabrics and Wal-mart) to Next Door and receive a 50% off coupon for any full priced item at Next Door! The scarfs that she knits will be donated to the Hebron House Shelters in Waukesha to help keep the homeless warm (and although not as important, stylish!). I think it’s a great idea and it will help you keep your budget while Christmas shopping!

Check out Renotta’s other fabulous creations at http://www.projectknitway.blogspot.com/

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